10 Tips to protect your emails from getting hacked

10 Tips to protect your emails from getting hacked

The best and effective way of communication in any organization is Email. It has changed the way we communicate and keeping in touch with people has become so easy. The distance between people has reduced due to Emails and is a great way to convey messages. The number of Email users is at its peak as its free, user friendly and extremely convenient. Emails generally contain vital details and so are the prime target of hackers. A distinct identity is what Email provides every Individual, but this identity can be stolen by hackers and used for malicious acts. By Hacking your email account attackers get access to personal information, financial information, etc. which can be extremely dangerous. Your reputation is also at stake due to these cyber-attacks.

There are number of ways through which your email accounts can be hacked. For e.g. Logging in to buy products online, using public PC, using unsecured Wi-Fi, etc. After all this it’s difficult to use the same email account and you would need to sign up for a new one, but it’s not possible every time to change all logins. The best way to protect you mail is to be aware. There are a few ways that you can protect your Emails from getting hacked. Let’s have a look:

  1. Strong password and Two-factor authentication can be the saviors : A strong password is difficult to crack, so having one will help in protecting your emails from being fished. A good password manager can do it for you. Password managers help in changing all your online passwords to strong and unique ones which are extremely difficult to hack. The best way to protect your emails is opting for a Two-factor authentication. What it does is at the time of login it asks for some other information too along with the password like a code sent to your phone, bio metrics like fingerprint, eye scan etc. For hackers it’s like a safety door within a safety door which is a pain to hack
  2. VPN is the key…use it always :Protecting personal information should be your priority while going online. VPN is what can help you do so as it offers anonymity by encrypting your internet connection. Just a click on your PC or smartphone and everything you do online stays protecting from your employers or advertisers. It is a great way to have your peace of mind and privacy while surfing the net.
  3. Unnecessary clicking on links can cut your link with your Email :One of the easiest ways the hackers use is send mails with fishing links which once clicked gives hackers access to your personal information and steal it. The advice would be not clicking on suspicious links and downloading attachments from unknown sources. Emails from known senders that contain links or attachments without any context are also bad news. Emails with malwares is also a way that hackers use these days, so avoid clicking on such links.
  4. Public PCs and Wi-Fi can be dangerous :Travelling is a part of life and so is work, but using public PCs and Unsecured Wi-Fi for urgent work or any work for that matter can be extremely dangerous as it is accessed by multiple users and keyloggers if installed can help hackers in attacking your emails and details easily. So try using internet on your phone or Laptop and ensure the VPN is on. Financial transactions are critical and so doing them on protected networks is the advised always.
  5. Antivirus, Antivirus, Antivirus is the superhero you need :Protection is the work of an expert and so to protect your personal information, so go for a good Antivirus. It is an expert at keeping your data safe and secure, along with real time protection from a number of malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. WardWiz is the solution for 360 degree protection of your data, Computer systems, servers, emails, Internet, etc. It provides great protection from all types of Malwares, Viruses and Ransomwares. It prevents data theft and prevents fishing attacks effectively. So get WardWiz and leave all your worries behind and just relax.
  6. Protect your Router and Wi-Fi :It is simple to protect your router and Wi-Fi. It is extremely important to protect your router and Wi-Fi if you are a private user or a small business user as these are easy targets for hackers. Keeping a very strong and unique password is the best way in safeguarding your router and Wi-Fi.
  7. Be updated :PCs and Systems are preferred targets for cyber attackers. In order to be protected keep your systems updated. New software and OS updates have security improvements so when the updates are available go for it immediately and get the peace of mind.
  8. App and Software updates can save you :Apps in your phone or PC are an easy target for hackers and keeping it safe is in your hands. New software and OS updates have security improvements so when the updates are available go for it immediately & be safe.
  9. Credit Lockdown on your account is the way :The most effective way to prevent Financial Theft even after your account is hacked. Credit lockdown stops any access to the credit report. If you are purchasing something and that demands an outer party to go through your credit report, you can easily turn the account back on. After your buying process is complete, you can reinstate the freeze. Credit lockdown gives you most of the control over the people who have access to your account after the hack.

As it is always said “Prevention is better than Cure”. Your ideal cure will be a antivirus software like WardWiz which will prevent any damage and theft to your data along with protecting your systems, databases, servers from malwares, viruses and any malicious activity. All the solutions that you need to stay protected are offered by WardWiz. The above mentioned tips help in staying protected and avoiding or preventing cyber-attacks on your data and mails. So be aware and have the peace of mind that you need & deserve.

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