Top 10 Malwares April 2019

Top 10 Malwares April 2019

Malware is a word that is very worrying for many people and businesses in the world. To keep things clear and simple, Malware is a program or code that is harmful to systems. Malwares don’t let the systems function normally. Malwares are extremely nasty, invasive, and very adverse, they cause damage to the computers, servers, devices, etc. Malware generally gives the control of the affected system to the attacker, sends the spams to the unsuspecting target, gives the network access to the attacker and helps in data theft. It’s a way to earn money illegally. Malware isn’t able to cause any damage to the hardware of systems but it does data theft, encrypts or deletes data or helps in supervise other systems for doing malicious acts.

There are a few malwares that would be troubling in the year 2019 and in the month of April 2019. Lets have a look at some of such malwares:

  1. Wiper : These are basically the malwares that erase the hard disk of the system that it infects. That’s why they are called wipers as they wipe the data. Olympic destroyer, Destover, Black Enenrgy, Shamoon, Black Energy are few wiper malwares that have made presence felt in the recent times. The most recent of these is Shamoon 3. The attackers responsible for these wipers may be having a physical sabotage or political intentions.
  2. Emotet :It is known as the Banking Trojan or malware. But why so?? It was used to infiltrate in the system and rob the private information & the sensitive data. It is like an epidemic, its worm like capabilities help it spread to other connected computers. Through subsequent versions Emotet has evolved to become a huge threat with its ability to leverage third party, open source code libraries. It keeps on showing its presence now and then & keeps adding to its arsenal.
  3. APT Malware :The full form of APT is Advanced Persistent Threat it is a straight attack on the target and it is for an extended period of time. Compromising the target system and acquiring information are its prime motives. Businesses or Individuals anyone can be its target. Generally it is said to attack government & defence organizations data.
  4. Botnets :When a number of connected systems are co-ordinated to perform a task together it is said to be a Botnet. They are extremely beneficial in maintaining a smooth user experience on the net. But the real threats are the mischievious and illegal botnets. Gaining control of your computer it has the ability to make the “Spider” (a program that crawls the Internet looking for holes in security to exploit) hack the data.
  5. Fileless Malwares :It is a memory based malware; its specific trait is that it doesn’t leave a trace to the computer’s Hard disk and is extremely resistant to the Anti-computer forensic strategies. Tracing it is a herculean task. Browsers and related programs like Java, Pdf or flash are few of its primary targets. 2018 was a year of Fileless Malwares and 2019 will continue to be so.
  6. Cryptomining Malware :Using the system or computer resources for cryptocurrency mining without the users permission is what Cryptomining Malware is about. It used as an illegal way or earning money or generating revenues from cryptocurrency mining. Cyber criminals are earning around 30000 dollars per month with single cryptocurrency mining malware.  The attack is such that we wouldn’t even know that our system is attacked, these attacks are sustained for a long time too.
  7. Card Skimming Malware :Card Skimming malware are very rampant these days and many thefts are happening as a result. Cark skimming simply stealing Credit or Debit Card information, PIN numbers through ATM machines or POS. Theft of money from account,  Making purchases & Selling card information to Third parties are the functions and objectives of the Card Skimming, etc
  8. Ransomware :It is just like its name, Ransomware Blocks access to the data and threatens to publish the victims data unless a ransom is paid. Data encryption is what Ransomware does in order to prevent user from accessing the system also the ransome has to be paid in order to get the data decrypted.  It is a network a program that crawls the Internet looking for holes in security to exploit increase their next.
  9. Stegware :Stegware is the name of a malware that uses Steganography (Practice of hiding or storing a file, image or video within another file, image or video. The use of steganography is on the rise these days for malicious purposes. It is a way to encode a secret message inside another message with only the desired recipient able to read it. Sequence of symbols is arranged for encoding a message; unusual symbols are not noticed by anyone apart from the recipient who knows them. Stegware attacks are on the rise and are expected to be active in 2019 causing a lot of problems.
  10. Malvertising :As the Name suggests it is Spreading of malicious virus through advertising. Malvertising is basically inserting malware carrying advertisement in the online advertising systems and webpages. Malvertising is among the favorites of the attackers as they can spread it very easily through a medium that is meant to attract people towards it. Malvertising helps attackers increase their reach and thus affect millions of users. In 2019 it is bound to make more impact.

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