Top 5 tips to beat cyber crime

Top 5 tips to beat cyber crime

Crime is something that we have heard a lot about, but as the world is shifting to digital mediums for daily activities, purchases, transactions, etc., Cyber-crime has been on the rise in the last few years. Cyber-crimes are dangerous as vital data is stolen and lot of frauds, scams, etc. take place without knowing. A cyber-attack can cause a huge loss to any business which is an irreparable damage. Small companies, Individual user are the prime target of the attackers. Small companies or Individuals unknowingly aid these attacks by using unsecure computers and internet networks.

The hackers are using various methods to access and track the details of targeted computers. The effects of cyber-crime are upsetting for the victims and financial theft is not the only reason. The victims start feeling insecure as their privacy is at stake and constant tension mounting due to the cyber-attacks is immense.

There are agencies like the cyber cell taking care of these sort of attacks but it is always better to be aware and do it yourself. There are various ways in which we can prevent these attacks ourselves. Let’s take a look at 5 tips that help in beating the cyber-crime:

  1. Hire the Expert….Antivirus :As the Doctors knows his job well or the engineer knows his own job well similarly you need an expert to prevent cyber-attacks and the best expert is a good Antivirus software. Antivirus keeps your PC, Data, Internet network, etc. safe and prevents any sort of cyber-attacks, in addition it also is the doctor of viruses, malwares and ransomwares. WardWiz is one such brilliant Antivirus software which has award winning services and is at top of its game when it comes to safety of your PC, Data, Internet network, etc. It is the ideal solution to stay secure and tension free. WardWiz is a personalized digital security solution protecting your digital lifestyle, it’s packed with enhanced network drive protection, real time threat prevention, easy password management & network security.
  2. Strong password is the need of the hour :Passwords are the key to enter into your accounts. It’s just like in our life if we misplace the key or someone else steals it he gets the access of our house. Passwords need to be unique so that cracking them would be extremely difficult or impossible. There are various password managers which help in changing all your online password to strong and unique ones. WardWiz also provides you with easy password management and in turn helps in securing your account and data.
  3. Click, Click….not without thinking :Phishing is one famous way used by hackers. It is widely used and millions have been affected due to this, why? The answer is Curiosity, excitement, impulse, etc. These emails have a sense of urgency, compelling the receiver to click on the link, giving little time to think better and before you know, hackers are already into their system. Usually, the links direct you to some fake website where you are prompted to enter your personal information or takes you to a website that instantly and directly affects your phone or laptop with ransomware. Clicking on links in emails from unknown sources is the easiest way to hand over our data to the hacker. We must be extremely aware about this and should avoid clicking on such unwanted links.
  4. Security needs to be updated :Automatic software or app updates are considered irritating and data consuming, so most of the people tend to switch off the updates and that is where we go wrong. Software, OS and App updates provide advanced security solutions therefore it’s extremely necessary to keep the automatic updates on, this will safeguard your data, personal details and your devices.
  5. Open and unsecured networks are lucrative…..but dangerous :Unsecured networks always pose a risk and give easy access to hackers due to lack of security. Without any security, we are vulnerable to hackers, who then steal valuable data such as login passwords, credit card information along with other personal as well as financial details. Malwares is another risk that’s waiting to damage your device and data in an open network or public PCs, it gives hackers unrestricted access to all your data. If it’s really urgent then use a VPN on your phone or laptop. It encrypts your internet connection making your presence private and secure. 

The above mentioned tips can help you beat the cyber-crime effectively secure your data. Also using software like WardWiz will provide a 360 degree security solutions and the peace of mind you always wanted with respect to your data. Being aware and alert is the key to keeping your data, network, servers, etc. safe & secure. So take the onus and fight the cyber-crime confidently.

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