What is Data Encryption? Protect your data with Wardwiz

What is Data Encryption? Protect your data with Wardwiz

Data Encryption is an extremely significant aspect in today’s world where data thefts are ever increasing. Now many would ask “What is Data Encryption?”, To define in simple words “Conversion of data from readable format into coded format that can be accessed only after decryption”. Such date when accessed without permission appears scrambled & unreadable. Encrypted data is generally referred to as Ciphertext  & Decrypted data is referred to as plaintext. Data encryption is the most popular and effective method widely used by organizations. Individual users and organizations both can use encryption to protect the data.

Encryption is widely used on the internet to protect the user information sent between the browser and server. As online presence of people has increased due to various reasons such as social networking, online shopping, Internet banking, etc, Data encryption has become extremely essential as Personal data, Payment data, Passwords, etc need to be safeguarded from theft or any malicious activity.

DES (Data Encryption Standard) system was earlier used for data encryption but it is considered outdated today, so it has been replace by modern algorithms that play a major part in securing the data and communications. These modern techniques ensure confidentiality, authentication & non-repudiation.  Data Encryption is applied any sort of data protection and security be it personal or confidential governmental data. There are two types of Encryption – mainly Symmetric and Asymmetric. In Symmetric Encryption a single key is used to code and decode the data whereas in Asymmetric  Encryption Cryptography is used i.e two keys, one private & one public. Side channel attacks are the primary method for breaking a cipher. Errors in system make it an easy target.

Wardwiz provides world class solutions in Data protection and safeguards your data efficiently and proactively. WardWiz uses AES 256 data encryption method to protect your files, which the most advanced method of encryption and decryption. While encrypting it also reduces the file size to make it easy to share using internet. Wardwiz can protect data of the devices, emails, databases, servers, etc. Most of the companies face the issue of data theft & protection as employees use external devices, removable media, and web applications more often as a part of their daily business procedures. Wardwiz prevents the data theft and stops malwares from entering the systems. Project outsourcing, a remote workforce, regulatory compliance has only one answer and that is Secure, encrypted Email.  Wardwiz allows the collaboration of employees through mails. At the same time Wardwiz actively tags, classifies and encrypts sensitive data in mails and attachments. Automatic warning, blocking and encryption of sensitive information based on the content & context is done by Wardwiz efficiently. Data Encryption may seem to be difficult and confusing, Wardwiz can handle it with ease. Choosing Wardwiz will make you relaxed and stress free when it comes to any sort of Data protection with device, email, internet, etc.

Wardwiz is the ultimate solution for data encryption and provides the security that is needed. It takes off the stress of data protection from you and helps you in being relaxed & focus on other things without being worried. So protect your data with Wardwiz and be worry free.

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