Why WardWiz Proactive cyber attack prevention is important?

Why WardWiz Proactive cyber attack prevention is important?

Each independent computer runs on more than one port. As an example, when an user opens his or her email, the communication server will open a port that allows new mail goes to be downloaded via a connection to the email server. Certain ports on a computer are open constantly, making them an easy target for cybercriminal activity. this will allow them to access a user’s sensitive and private information. Criminals may use it for crooked activities. Unfortunately, criminals and pc hackers are always attempting to find new victims. Cyber-attack is one in all the ways through which this will be accomplished.

A proactive cyber-attack prevention technique
Port scan is the way-out to pick up open ports available on a host network to 
access user’s data. It is occasionally used by system engineers/admin to audit computers for vulnerabilities. However, it is also used by cybercriminals to find new victims. Cybercriminals use a trick by sending a request, it looks like a normal request to connect to the targeted computer systems. A list of requests sent is generated and maintained by cybercriminals, which helps them to identify the ports which have responded to their communication. 
e.g.: A thief with an intention of robbery in a house will first check for the open door’s or windows or will also check for the doors’/windows which can be easily opened.
The cyber criminals experiment is the same as the windows and doors of the house, here open ports of the individual’s computer. While a hacker won’t succeed in “break-in” at that moment, there is always a chance to re-establish communication to the open ports. Many of us feel that this activity is illegal which is not so because user information/data is not yet stolen. It is the attacker or cybercriminal’s capability whether to steal data or just to check his connections were made successfully in various areas. It’s no longer considered a crook offense.
However, if repetitive cyberattacks are made, a denial of ISP(Internet service provider) is created. Hackers commonly utilize Proactive cyber attacking because it’s a straightforward way to get inside which they’ll quickly find out services they may burgle/hack. In some cases, hackers may even open the ports themselves for you to get entry to the victim computer. Hackers also use cyber-attackers to conduct tests for open ports on Personal Computers that are connected to the internet.

A Serious Threat
Any time there are open ports on anyone’s computer, so there is a possibility for the loss of information/data, the incidence of infection and occasionally even complete system may compromise. It’s essential for a user to defend his or her data, as new digital threats regarding computer systems are introduced on a daily basis. Computer safety needs to be on high priority for those who use non-public computer systems. Proactive cyber-attacking is taken under consideration because there is a sizable chance to hack /infect the user’s PC without any unusual signs and symptoms to the user.

Firewall Protection
Protection from Proactive cyber-attacking is usually achieved through the usage of a firewall. It monitors incoming and outgoing connections through a user’s computer. 
The working technique of firewall is to allow scanning of all open ports only once in the same attempt/attack if failed firewall will stop Proactive cyber attacking for the same attempt/ attack. To get rid/relieve of Proactive cyber attacking , the firewall is the best possible solution.
WardWiz has brought the best and pocket-friendly solution known as the WardWiz firewall
WardWiz firewall does not allow any unwanted incoming connection to be established with the user’s PC. WardWiz firewall creates shielded protection wherein it avoids the PC from getting hacked. With the WardWiz firewall, an user is assured that her/his sensitive and personal data remains protected. 
In today’s age of cybercrimes, frauds, and different criminal activities that can be executed via digital technology.

    For preventing those cybercrimes certain procedures, tools and habits which provides metrics to basic cybersecurity regulations to the user. With these security features/tools and user literacy about digital lifestyle can keep away from threats easily.

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