Parental Control

Today Parents face challenges by giving their children digital freedom and defining the boundaries of that freedom. Parents can understand that limiting children’s access to the internet could affect their ability to learn and develop. Also, it’s possible they might expose their children to online threats and content that may go beyond their capacity to handle. WardWiz parental controls on all devices can help parents and their kids to navigate the digital world around them safely.

 While colleges do their best to make youngsters aware of the best and horrific of the use of the Internet, parents are equally liable for develop a good habits, at the same time they introduce their children to the digital world. Here WardWiz parental controls can help parents and their kids to navigate the digital world around them safely.

Parental controls with virtual ethics recognition can educate our youngsters to understand among the right and wrong things in a cyberworld, when the usage of the internet for paintings or playing games. Here are some recommendations that permit you to put together your youngsters to meet the evolving demanding situations of cybersecurity:

 now a days we stand on the verge of a varied disruptive content with clean access.

 It could be a need of the time to keep our youngsters away from having access to such content and technology.
Children are the soft-targets for the cyber-criminal they can easily be bullied by the criminals

At their age they are not able to fight back to the person, we have seen an example of a blue Wheal game. To secure our children from this kind of criminals we need to use parental Control

With WardWiz Parental Control Feature you can not only monitor or track your children’s internet activities on their devices but also it helps you to track their locations and define a radius in which they can use their devices. In case they leave the defined area the parents will be notified via text message and email. WardWiz parental control also come with time management facility which helps you to define specific timing for using the devices our new product WardWiz essential plus not only equipped with parental control but also giving you the state of art features which is require to stay secure in current digital world. Because just an antivirus is not enough

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