WardWiz has been making its way into the Android Platform for past couple of years. Now  WardWiz understands the importance of Smartphones and tabs in people’s day to day life. WardWiz’s expert developers have developed suitable and stable products for its customers.

WardWiz has recent released a state of art security feature In Its Android App WardWiz essential plus which could prevent your phone from theft and burglary. Once smartphones Is lost or stolen, it is almost impossible to recover back the lost device  and to retrieve the data back. Smartphone data plays a key role in our day to day life. To make life easier, this security app could offer features that helps users to scare away phone thieves and those who try to play with their smartphone devices.

Lets see how WardWiz antitheft feature helps you to recover your stolen device

When you install WardWiz on your device, you need to give some permission to the app. After that, WardWiz anti-theft feature is ready to work. When this feature is ON  in phone and  if someone try to  access the phone and enter wrong password, the phone starts ringing in largest possible sound. Also, front camera gets activated. It clicks the picture of the thief and send it to register email id with the location. This information is also stored in the device. WardWiz also provides the facility to lock the device remotely via WardWiz cloud feature. This enables to catch thief.       

This app is very popular because of following robust features:

  • Ringing Alarm
  • Remotely locking device
  • Taking picture of thief with location
  • SIM change notification
  • Charger removing Alert Notification – This is for people who travels a lot and charge their device in public places like airport, Bus-stand etc
  • WardWiz cloud access

WardWiz is providing a state of art features with WardWiz android Essential plus  software which is unique in the mobile security segment because just and antivirus is not enough.

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